CHW Webfront

Have you ever wanted to go camping with like-minded, gay/bi & transgender men and just let it all hang out? We created two events that will do just that! There is something for everyone: young to old, boy to daddy, twink to bear, top to bottom, vanilla to kinky. Click EVENTS for more details and to begin expressing your wild side!

What is Camp Hard Wood?

Camp Hard Wood is a formed committee of guys who have gotten together with their ideas, put them all together and created these charity events for you to indulge. Though our group has been mistaken for those of ManCamp, Nude Dudes and Naked Minnesota; they are our allies. Each event offers something for everyone.

Sexual freedom is what we all enjoy; why not enjoy it with other like minded gay, bisexual and transgender men?

Our objective is to see you enjoy a weekend of freethinking individuals who are comfortable within their own skin and enjoying the company of those who are like yourself.