Welcome to Camp Hard Wood

We invite you to come join our annual camping events specifically for gay, bisexual, transgender and curious men. Each of our events are hosted at a private campground in Minnesota. You must be at least 21 years of age in order to attend any of our events. There are many contributing business sponsors which assist in many aspects of the events. This year we are raising funds for the Minnesota AIDS Project.






About Us

Camp Hard Wood is a formed committee of guys who have gotten together with their ideas, put them all together and creating these charity events for you to indulge. Each event offers something for everyone. Our mission is to help non-profit organizations succeed in their cause to better lives and communities.

Our objective is to sponsor events such as these to raise funds for those in need. Also, seeing you enjoy a weekend of freethinking individuals who are comfortable within their own skin and enjoying the company of those who are like yourself.




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